The Universe of Oswaldo Goeldi

Oswaldo Goeldi, Chuva de vento (s/d)
June 2 - July 2, 2016

Press Release

Artist: Oswaldo Goeldi

The work of Oswaldo Goeldi impresses by the breadth and depth of the questions he presents. Men who wander the black surfaces of the urban scene, fishermen working in extreme conditions, the sea as a frequent scenario, unknown characters that deep down can not hide a sense of mystery and solitude.

The gallery Bergamin & Gomide presents the exhibition “The Universe of Oswaldo Goeldi” (June 2 – July 2, 2016). It will be exhibited 35 works of the artist who became a world reference in the field of engraving. Instead of presenting his work in chronological, thematic or formalistic form, the group of works in the exhibition obeys a sequence of associations that happen in a fluid and subjective way. Among the selected works (woodcuts, drawings and watercolors) are those with the most outstanding themes of his work: solitude, the daily life of fishermen and urban men.

In the artist’s own words, “the phenomena of nature excite me – thunderstorms, windstorms, heavy clouds, sky and sea, sun and torrential rain and nights full of mystery, birds and bugs. The dramas of the human soul consume me. I feel good about the simple ones and sometimes I get confused with them. ”

Engraver, draftsman, illustrator and teacher, Goeldi (Rio de Janeiro, 1895 – 1961) exhibited at the 25th Venice Biennale in 1950 and won the Print Prize at the 1st International Biennial of São Paulo in 1951. His work has already participated in more than one hundred posthumous exhibitions in Brazil, Argentina, France, Portugal, Switzerland and Spain. Today, Goeldi is venerated in the artistic world and his works are reference materials in the field of engraving worldwide.

It was in the year 1923 that he began experiments with woodcutting in order to “impose a discipline on the ramblings to which the drawing took him”. In testimony to the critic and poet Ferreira Gullar (1930) he has felt “the need to give control to these ramblings”.

Oswaldo Goeldi, Sem título [Untitled] (s/d)
Oswaldo Goeldi, Pescador e o gato (s/d)
Oswaldo Goeldi, Solitário (s/d)
Oswaldo Goeldi, Cepo (s/d)
Oswaldo Goeldi, Onça (s/d)
Oswaldo Goeldi, Pescadores (s/d)
Oswaldo Goeldi, Areia do mar (c. 1950)
Oswaldo Goeldi, Sem título [Untitled] (1974)
Oswaldo Goeldi, Garça (s/d)
Vista da exposição (Installation view)
Vista da exposição (Installation view)
Vista da exposição (Installation view)