Fetish for Books or Paper Fetish

Leonilson, Certas Sutilezas Humanas (c. 1990)
March 18 - April 17, 2014

Press Release

Curator: Ricardo Sardenberg

The exhibition A tara por livros ou a tara de papel [Fetish for Books or Paper Fetish] does not use the investigation of the book-object as its starting point, something that can be readily found in many recent exhibitions. But, I hope, it does appropriate the idea of the book-body. Although it is not a purely esthetic exploration, I still hope the exhibition provides visitors with a sensual and esthetic experience, a rather hedonistic one with the objects of desire. Books here merge with possession, eroticism and the compulsion for beauty and also appear as a note of affection, since we give books to people we care for. In this sense, the artistic book here is seen as a fetish. The exhibition celebrates the book-object for its power to seduce.

A book is not just an object or a box, a container for stories and dreams. A book is an idea that takes possession of our mind, and often the loss of it – a book that was lent and never returned – can be as painful as the loss of a beloved person. As Flaubert wrote in defense of his book Madame Bovary: in our book, the word perfect is only ours and only exists in our lexicon.

Few sights are more disturbing than that of books burning in a bonfire. – Ricardo Sardenberg

Leonilson, Certas Sutilezas Humanas (c. 1990)
Julio Plaza, Objetos Poema (1969)
Marcius Galan, Livro/objeto Presente (2011)
Artur Barrio, Cadernolivro (2008)
Beatriz Milhazes, Meu Bem (2008)
Ed Ruscha, Me and The (2002)
José Bento, Baquelite (2008)
Mira Schendel, Sem título [Untitled] (1971)
Nuno Ramos, Caldas Aulete (Para Nelson 3) (2006)
Rivane Neuenscwander, Paisagens Dobradas (2000)
Paulo Bruscky, Intersigne III (1993)
Raymundo Colares, Gibi (1970)
Vista da exposição (Installation view)
Vista da exposição (Installation view)
Vista da exposição (Installation view)